Is tourist visa more important than transit visa?

As we have talked before, best usa esta is able to use to visit or just need to transit in the USA before continuing your flight to the destination. Well, the site of Esta Visa is one of the sites that provides you related information, so you at least know what usa visa is and how it works for everyone who needs it. Can someone us tourist or travel visa to transit in the U.S?

Have you ever heard about transit visa before? Just because you have no experience in flight, it doesn’t mean you do nothing. With the presence of the internet, collecting information is more easily to do. Transit visa is a temporary short period visa during on’s journey. This is for those who are not meant to stay for a long time in the certain place or country. For your additional information, some countries require that you have to stop over for minimum 24 hours in order to grant you transit visa. Yes, this visa type will help you avoid even the serious issue.

What’s about tourist visa? Many people are familiar with this. This is known as the first type of visa available out there when it comes to visiting the certain country or go abroad. On the other hand, some individuals call it “visitor visa”. By having visitor visa, you will be allowed to stay in the certain country like the USA. Due to it is a visa for tourist, you need to know that you are just able to stay in your destination up to 90 days. On the other words, it would be better to not decide to stay longer unless you already process your visa for the next stay after 90 days. Visiting the site of U.S. state department can be one of the best ways to know more about USA visa, including how to get the permission to stay without using a tourist visa.

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