These Fun Places Must Be Visited When You’re In Denver

The Denver Downtown Aquarium is a really fun place for the whole family! With an aquarium featuring over a million gallons of water and hosting over 500 species, the interactive Stingray Reef touch tank, Dive Room, Aquarium Restaurant, Nautilus Ballroom, and more, there’s plenty to keep busy! The aquarium is very well designed, and a fantastic way for young and old to learn about marine life and have fun together. Kids, in particular, will love seeing the live mermaid shows and flash flood exhibits (back off or you’ll get soaked!) The Aquarium restaurant is also worth a visit, offering great food at affordable prices. Aside from that, you can also visit to watch a video that will guide you through Denver visually.

Then, Adams Mystery Playhouse is a must-visit when you’re in Denver. This is Colorado’s first and only mystery dinner theater and is fun for the whole family, suitable for every age. You’ll enjoy the actors’ special brand comedy, while they keep things politically correct! After you’ve enjoyed a delicious and bountiful buffet dinner with character actors mingling between the tables, a murder takes place that is your witness! After looking for clues and stopping the drinks, the show then resumes with songs, shows, and other pleasant surprises then return to the case in hand. In the end, souvenir prizes are distributed to the team that solved the crime!

Finally, the Forney Transportation Museum is a real car lover’s dream! The Forney Museum is just one of a kind, with a collection of over 600 artifacts related to historical transportation. Built 60 years ago with a single 1921 Kissel, it grew rapidly and now includes not only vehicles but also motorcycles, planes, trains, steam locomotives, railroad equipment, public transport, fire equipment, bicycles, toys & diecast models, clothing vintage, and much more – phew! The collection includes Amelia Earhart 1923 Kissel ‘Gold Bug’, Forney Locomotive, Colorado & Southern Caboose, 1923 Hispano-Suiza, 1913-53 Indian Motorcycle Collection, 500 Piece Matchbox Collection, Stutz Fire Engine, and many more. There’s even an old Model T you can sit on! The volunteer staff is very helpful and informative. Get ready to spend a few hours here!

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